Day 12th 26th July, 2009: Closing up Documentary.
I wake up early, Jackson will not have some time, and he is going to church to meet us later. I  take some money for our guests to buy milk and bread for breakfast, I arrive they are praying, all of them, thanking the almighty for what a wonderful night it was, for such a wonderful hosts and for this unique organization. That it prospers to rescue the many lost souls, who have no chance in life, blessing blessing and blessing poured from their hearts.
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Day 11, July 25th, Saturday: The shock!
Very early in the morning, the phone calls start coming, the phone calls of our students and their parents telling me: „My daugher has arrived...“, „My son is here...“ „When do we arrive in Watamu?“. I’m in high spirit, all is well! People also send lot’s of sms's te me: „We are coming, Jeremy, we are almost there!“ Almost at noon, I recieve James, siping some juice from a hawker. James is one of our scholars, the future pilot! Hmmm, I wish I could take a photo, so cool!
I take James to a restaurant: first floor, then dash to the internet cafe, our Aiducator from Switzerland, Florian, desperately wants to talk to me alone!! Very strange. So it’s between the internet and the restaurant, but the guests are in high spirit, taking drinks at a table.

At around 3pm we are finally all assembled and ready to go, I head to the Enrico and Lisi, to get them from the place they stay at. I’m very worried, they are not taking my phone calls, then I meet Enrico: “Hi Enrico how are things?“, he answered: „Cosi cosi!!! -your friend (Florian) has not answered my sms, I have pulled my trigger and stopped. We can’t take any more interviews of the students...“.

( be continued...)

Day 10; July 24th (Friday): Its a resting day!
Inhouse day, the film team reviewed the movie scenes at home, so they had unfortunately no time for the beach. What a difficult task: For the film team, it’s like comparing light and wind and figuring out the flow of the documentary, always remembering: it must not exceed 10 minutes!

In the evening, we had dinner with Lisi and Enrico at the Mapango restaurant, I had pizza, one rice with stake and potatoes and fish for the other one. Highest level of diplomacy was applied: on behalf of the upcoming team from Kabarak (this high school with some of our most excellent scholars): Tom Mbega (430 points), Jackline Munyonge (425 points), Elizabeth Kalu (425), Safari Joseph (429) -wooouh, eventually we agreed, although we have hardly any space left on the hard drive, the film team will do those last interviews with those great students! I go home past midnight happy that the next day will be cool, not knowing how wrong I was...

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